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Ever wonder what it would take to provide a secure financial future for your child? Or how you could help finance your child’s future to cover college expenses, or buying their first home or starting up a business? You may have heard of the term “trust fund baby”. This is usually used to describe a person, typically a young adult, with wealthy parents who set up a trust fund for them so they don’t have to worry about money when they grow up. Trust fund babies were associated with only the wealthiest 1% of the population, but all that has changed. eTrustFundBaby was established to provide an easy and secure way to help finance your child’s financial future.

How It Works

When you open an account with eTrustFundBaby, you gain access to a platform that makes it easy for you to save towards your child’s future and provides you with offers from providers of high yield savings accounts.  Our company shops around for banks and credit unions with some of the highest yielding savings accounts in the market.  Unlike investment funds which carry a risk of loss and high investor fees, eTrustFundBaby accounts have no monthly fees, and funds deposited are secure in high interest savings accounts that are FDIC insured.  With an eTrustFundBaby account, our members can deposit additional funds over time, as well as take advantage of cash back offers on their everyday purchases to fund the account at no additional cost.  Our easy tracking tool shows how much your savings today will have grown by the time your child turns 18 years old.  Furthermore, family and friends can gift funds to the account or receive cash back that can be applied to the account as well.  So, when next you get asked what to get your child for a gift, rather than asking for another toy to add to the growing pile, consider referring them to your child’s eTrustFundBaby account.  Every dollar saved is a dollar less that your child may have to borrow in the future.

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